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The Coach Experience

At The Cabinet Coach, we bring our mobile showroom to your home, fitted out with an array of cabinets and other furnishings for your home design project. You can walk through our “coach” in safety and convenience, examining the displays and choosing the best look for you. Contact our knowledgeable team today to learn more about how we can help you! Give us a call now to schedule your mobile cabinet showroom experience.


With over 20 years of experience, your award-winning personal designer can create a beautiful, functional design for any space in the home. So, whether you need to modernize your kitchen, add an entertainment center, create a new home office, or remodel an elegant master bathroom we can create the perfect plan and supply the perfect cabinets for your space and budget

We specialize in bringing new life to spaces both large and small–making even the smallest spaces functional.

The Cabinet Coach Process


Our goal is to make this whole process as stress free as possible. To do this the process begins with a complimentary online consultation. Here we will spend a little time getting to know each other and feel things out. I will learn about your hopes and dreams for your space, and you will learn about how I make them come true. Budget expectations, our retainer schedule, and timelines will be discussed. I want you to feel comfortable & confident when you invite us into your home. Our next meeting will be in your house. More discussions about the space will take place, measurement will be taken, a tour of the showroom will be provided, and selections will be made.


After the site visit concepts will be created. Our next meeting will take place online again where you will see your space in 3D. If multiple options have been created, we will review them all and one will be selected. We will look at each cabinet and make sure it’s what you want, and the proper accessories are noted. Depending on the complexity of the design additional meetings may be scheduled. We keep working on it until you’re happy.


Cabinets are built to the specific measurements unique for your space. These details are meticulously reviewed for accuracy. Once designs are completed an accurate cost will be determined and your agreement will be presented for approval. Upon approval the order will be placed and a delivery schedule will be provide shortly after.


The day cabinets are delivered is a giant leap towards the completion of your kitchen! Your cabinets are delivered into the space and unwrapped for your and our inspection. Once the space is ready, our craftsman can now begin the intricate work of installing your cabinets as dictated by our plans. Every detail is executed as accurately as possible so countertops can be templated and appliances can be installed with ease.

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