About the Cabinet Coach

South Jersey’s Only Mobile Cabinet Showroom – Backed By Over 20 Years Experience

We bring this mobile showroom to your home, fitted out with an array of cabinets and other furnishings for your home design project. You can walk through our “coach” in safety and convenience, examining the displays and choosing the best look for you.

Redesign Your Kitchen or Bathroom Confidently

With over 20 years of experience, your award-winning personal designer can create a beautiful, functional design for any space in the home. So whether you need to modernize your kitchen, add an entertainment center, create a new home office, or remodel an elegant master bathroom we can create the perfect plan and supply the perfect cabinets for your space and budget.

We specialize in bringing new life to spaces both large and small–making even the smallest spaces functional.

Headshot of Robert Kramer

Meet the Coach

The Cabinet Coach is a vehicle that makes your redesign experience more convenient than you could imagine.

The Cabinet Coach is also a person, who coaches you through a process that can quickly become daunting. Meet award winning designer,   Robert Kramer, the founder of Robert Kramer Design, the designer behind The Cabinet Coach.

As a designer, Robert has served hundreds of clients, winning rave reviews. Originally trained in theatrical design, Robert worked for years at a kitchen boutique studio, developing his expertise in cabinetry. Of course he has also used his remodeling skills on his own home—which gives him a deep appreciation for what homeowners go through

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